Photo: Satchel Cortet

benoit cortet

When I Was a young boy in France my Godfather gave me a small camera. Growing up in a large family one learns to make oneself heard.
When you have been doing that all of your life getting your view point across becomes second nature. It was only a matter of time until my family became my subjects.
I learned to enjoy taking pictures almost as much as I loved sharing them.
I moved to New York City in December 1983, interning in a photo studio, working nights to support that passion. It was not long before I started working alongside many talented and renown photographers in fashion, still life, corporate photography, gaining much experience along the way. In 1989, after several years of freelance work I took a fun time position with Annie Leibovitz, first as an assistant and then a Producer/Studio Manager. The travel and the training was rigorous and exciting and non - stop.
This was truly a demanding experience that gave me the springboard to pursue my own work.
I know more than ever that photography has made me who I am. Everyday is different. I photograph everything and everyone and have been incredibly lucky to work with creative minds, leaders in their industries, accomplished artists, award winning writers and musicians, journalists, athletes, creators. The roster of subjects is extensive and I am fortunate enough for that list to keep growing.

This website has no particular order and is very much how my life is, moving from one subject to another, photographing all along the way. I hope you can see there isn’t anything that doesn’t trip my curiosity.